Jiggered Ceilidh Band Wedding Weekend

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Wedding Weekend

Every year, Jiggered Ceilidh Band perform at a variety of events....fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries, party nights, St Andrews/Burns Nights, student functions to name just some. But mostly we're doing weddings these days. I guess it is our speciality and we do really love playing for brides and grooms all over the UK.

Take this weekend:

Friday night we were in Kilbirnie's luxurious Moorpark Hotel for Amy and Andrew's wedding (Susan had played violin at the ceremony earlier in the day). A lovely, young, enthusiastic couple with a load of talented and appreciative guests many of whom are musicians themselves...A bowl of roll for the buffet with ketchup if you have the necessary contacts. A great evening.

Saturday night we were in Glasgow's St Silas for Rosie and Mitchum's wedding. We know Rosie from our Strathclyde days (in fact, 75% of Jiggered went to Romania in 2002 with Rosie helping to build houses for poor people) and it was a pleasure to play for her in front of a packed St Silas. The buffet here was cheese and cake. And by cake I mean more types of cake than I have ever seen in one place at the same time- I went for the lemon curd cake and it was yummy. Loads of familiar faces made it a real fun evening and as you'll see from the blog photo we recruited a new advertising guy!

Getting married and need a ceilidh band? Look no further than Jiggered!

Posted at 7:36 on 28th October 2012 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band in St Andrews for Wedding

Jiggered Ceilidh Band in St Andrews for Wedding

Last night we headed over to St Andrews for our latest gig, this time a wedding at the luxury country house hotel, Rufflets. Jenny and I had a heated (if pointless) debate as we waited in the foyer. The source of our disagreement? Pronounciation of the word "pork". I'd say it "poark" and she'd say it "pawrk". We asked the waiter if he could settle the matter but he couldn't tell any difference between each version. The argument went on and on all night and will probably irreparably ruin our 12 year friendship...

Once in St Andrews, Jenny texted Ewan to say we'd arrived. Ewan texted back, pretending he didn't know we had a ceilidh, claiming he was in a Glasgow cinema. A few texts and phonecalls keeping up the windup had Jenny in a serious panic. When Ewan popped out finally, Jenny didn't know whether to wring his neck in frustration or hug him with relief!

The wedding kicked off with bride Jenny's choice of "Talking Heads" Nothing but Flowers...The whole wedding party seemed to absolutely love this and it was great to watch the smiles on their faces! The ceilidh went well after that...we stopped just before 9.45pm for the buffet (our first ever 100% vegetarian buffet!).

Following last week's adventure, you'll be glad to hear we made it home avoiding ditches and hitches!

Posted at 13:07 on 21st October 2012 by Chris Smith

Eventful Dumfries Wedding for Jiggered Ceilidh Band

Eventful Dumfries Wedding for Jiggered Ceilidh Band

Holly and Matt booked up Jiggered Ceilidh Band for their wedding having enjoyed us before (we've played for this Dumfries bunch a few times and they are a brilliant crowd who make our job very easy!). As usual, fiddler Susan "checked in" on Facebook to let everyone know we'd arrived at Mabie House Hotel. This was our first time at this venue but we're back in 2013.

After setting up, we chatted to the videographer in front of the roaring fire. Lovely. And as guests arrived one said to us "when we heard Holly and Matt had a great ceilidh band lined up, we figured it'd be Jiggered!". That should become a tagline for the band I think! Annoyed I didn't think it up in 10 years of ceilidhing.

The evening went really well with guests spilling onto the floor for every dance. We did have a couple of "firsts"...we threw in a couple of new songs Holly had requested (Tim Hughes Dance Dance and Casting Crowns Praise You With The Dance) and we laughed as a couple of guys paired up in the Cumberland Basket, although the designated "lady" did well being hurled around!

And so...time to leave after a lovely evening. I set the Sat Nav to "home". Leaving the hotel, it instructed me to take a right even though we'd come in the other direction. Fast forward five minutes....Susan and I are sitting at the bottom of a dirt track facing a fence which leads into a field. Hmmm. Time to try and turn. No room to do that. Then the car begins to sink in mud. I get out to try pushing while Susan drives (managing to plunge into mud that covers up to just below my knee). The car by now is only on three tyres- the fourth is dangling over the edge of an embankment leading down to a wee burn! I lift the car onto the other three wheels while Susan drives us out. We then spend the next 10 minutes reversing up this country road...the farmer comes out with a torch shouting "what are you doing down there?". Thankfully he was offering his help (although when directing me in a three-point-turn he kept using nautical language: "steer your bow right"?!). When we got back on track, Susan posted her latest check-in on Facebook: In a ditch, in Dumfries with Chris Smith. Susan's husband Alan phoned her within about 2 minutes of this (awwww...). Needless to say my wife Elaine was sound asleep and found out about our adventure this morning!!

Posted at 9:45 on 14th October 2012 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: 50th Birthday Party in Grangemouth

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: 50th Birthday Party in Grangemouth

In-demand Jiggered Ceilidh Band travelled to Grangemouth for Duncan's 50th birthday party (organised by his wife Hazel). The venue was The Scott's Bistro...hidden off the main road it was a real surprise to find this wee gem which has been decorated very nicely and has excellent facilities. During the evening, Duncan gave a short speech, there was a cake-cutting, hot/cold buffet and slideshow of photos from Duncan's last 50 years (which Chris and Ewan enjoyed posing in front of...see blog photo for one of many many examples!). Thanks to Hazel and Duncan for having us!!

One bit of exciting news to add: the BBC were in touch this week about the possibility of Jiggered performing at their Hogmanay bash...Watch this space!

Posted at 6:58 on 13th October 2012 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band wedding at Piperdam

Jiggered Ceilidh Band wedding at Piperdam

One of the perks of being in Jiggered Ceilidh Band is getting to visit lovely venues across Scotland. It's exciting performing in a venue for the first time but there's also something nice about returning to somewhere like Piperdam, Dundee for a wedding. Piperdam's unique and as Ewan's photo shows has has some stunning views around it!

Bride on the night, Linda, had booked us after a Google search led her to us. Coming to hear us live confimed for the couple that we were the band they'd like for their big day. And at the end of the night (after a couple of sets of ceilidh with some covers thrown in, the best stovies we've had at a wedding buffet and dancing by a group that Ewan described as "the cutest Grannies he'd ever seen") Linda thanked us for a great job, saying her guests had loved the evening and she'd be happy to recommend us...That made the long drive back home worth it!

Posted at 9:37 on 7th October 2012 by Chris Smith