Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Drumtochty Castle Wedding

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Drumtochty Castle Wedding

Grant and Emma booked up Jiggered Ceilidh Band for their wedding at the stunning Drumtochty Castle- access for the band uniquely was via a window! The couple had done their homework before choosing Jiggered and Grant had followed our regular post-gig blogs and assured us that we wouldn't be disappointed by the buffet (he'd noticed a thread running through them, and wanted to avoid getting slammed like the now infamous Vegi-gate). The bacon rolls and cake were excellent, Grant and Emma. Thanks!

The night went well- the massive room allowed us to really crank up the volume and blast out the mix of ceilidh tunes, Scottish songs and specific covers that Grant and Emma had requested. At half time, we were treated to a performance from a mini pipe band, featuring among others Grant, his dad and his brother!

It was a friendly crowd- a few chatted to us at various points. One youngster, who attends Macduff Primary, made my night when she told me that her favourite subject at school is Maths.

Highlight of the journey home was our conversation with a minibus driver. Roll window down. Look in disgust. Roll window up. Feel free to use this technique to diffuse obnoxious, unwarranted road rage. Works a charm.

Well done to Emma who, like a true trooper, put on a great show despite feeling rough and sleeping through the entire journey to and from the castle. Hats off to you Emma.

Merry Christmas to all Jiggered friends and fans :)

Posted at 9:28 on 22nd December 2013 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Confirm There Is No Santa (In Galston)

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Confirm There Is No Santa (In Galston)

Jiggered Ceilidh Band like our annual visit to Galston to play at the Church Fete Christmas Ceilidh in Hogg Hall. The food is always great. The crowd really love our blend of Scottish music, ceilidh dances and covers. With it being a local one for me, I always bump into familiar faces...this year I chatted to Fraser and Sarah who I went to school with, some former customers I used to serve in my part time job at the local petrol station and Mr and Mrs Smith from Kilmarnock whose son I teach. However, most of the break was spent with new friends: the current Galston minister and his wife and then Karen, a enthusiastic nutter who turned out to be a Maths teacher- we had lots to discuss!

The big changes this year? Jiggered didn't scoop any prizes in the raffle. And Santa wasn't able to make his usual appearance.

Still, a fantastic night. Lots of laughs.

Posted at 7:38 on 8th December 2013 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Play at Edna's 60th

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Play at Edna's 60th

A ceilidh that starts with dinner at Susan's is always off to a flier. Yum.

Edna's 60th birthday celebrations were held at Calderwood Baptist Church and she'd booked up Jiggered for her party. After arriving and getting set up, we had a chance to have a wee chat. Ewan quizzed Susan on her recent spa visit, earlier that day: "Did you enjoy your spa? Do you find it leaves your hair kind of matted?". Classic*

The evening featured some photos of Edna over the last 60 years, some excellent ceilidh music and cracking food enjoyed by Edna's friends and family. It was nice, too, to be performing in front of a couple of couples who are having Jiggered at their 2014 weddings!

*it should be noted that these questions were fed to Ewan by the more mischevious Jiggered members :)

Posted at 8:25 on 1st December 2013 by Chris Smith