Jiggered Ceilidh Band perform in Bath

Jiggered Ceilidh Band perform in Bath

No need to sheild your eyes. In case you were worried you were about to read about the four of us singing alongside our rubber ducks with only bubbles to maintain our dignity, there is no cause for alarm. The Bath we were performing in was the beautiful city in the south of England. David hear us way back in 2007 and was keen to have us play at his daughter's wedding. We were only too pleased to help out!

Some Jiggered demo tracks were played during the service while we made our way down from our previous gig in Harrogate (via two Travelodge stops- only one that was intentional). And David had really bigged us up to the guests as the best ceilidh band in Scotland! While this was happening we were enjoying good food in the sun in Bath and Emma and I took over a piano in the city centre and entertained the crowds for twenty minutes or so...Susan even joined in for one final song!

The wedding, again, had many English guests ceilidhing for the first time but they were excellent. Really keen, quick learners and enthusiastic. Another great wedding- we wish Phil and Suzanne all the best for the future!

Our journey home was smooth- with Emma reviving childhood memories with her soon-to-be-patented-guess-the-theme-tune style gameshow. As driver I got to call the shots on comfort breaks on the way home. One five minute stop was all I allowed as we got back to Susan's for 2pm.

A long weekend but so much fun. These guys are the best- of you're planning a musical roadtrip I'd highly recommend them!

Posted at 19:03 on 31st May 2015 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Swanning About in England for a Change!

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Swanning About in England for a Change!

Roadtrip Part 1:
Jiggered started our weekend-long roadtrip at Susan's house. Packing a full drum kit, two large speakers, a piano, guitar, violin, mic stands, speaker stands, cables, luggage and the four of us into a single car was a wee bit like the space-defying trickery performed by those "ship in a bottle" guys!

The journey down was pretty good- Susan had lined us up with easy listening (!) to keep us entertained/educated/awake. 

Andrew and Rachel's wedding was in Harrogate. The Old Swan Hotel, to be precise. The venue was really nice, with the reception room being beautifully decorated. Things were running slightly behind schedule so the first dance actually happened AFTER the buffet! Once we got up and running though it was a brilliant ceilidh with a crowd who defied their inexperience and impressed us...we had lots of compliments from guests who'd become Jiggered fans during the night. And the bride and groom seemed pretty pleased too. Here's just a snippet of an email we got from them later:

"Just a quick message to thank you guys so much for the amazing ceilidh last night at our wedding! Thank you again for holding the fort for us while we were away having pictures; sorry we ended up starting so late! So many of our guests commented on how amazing you were..."

A fun gig and we established unequivocally that if you were going to describe Ewan as a colour that colour would be... "flambouyant"!

Posted at 18:47 on 31st May 2015 by Chris Smith

Dunfermline's Glen Pavilion Wedding for Jiggered Ceilidh Band

Dunfermline's Glen Pavilion Wedding for Jiggered Ceilidh Band

Laura and Andy got married on Arran but booked up Jiggered for their post-wedding party! And it was a brilliant evening- held in the Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline.It's a cracking venue actually- well worth a look!

Laura and Andy were piped in to rapturous applause before everyone joined them for a "Gay Gordons" after which we entertained the guests for the rest of the night with our usual mix of ceilidh dances, Scottish tunes and covers. Laura came over during the break to say that loads of her friends were complimenting her on choosing Jiggered asking where she'd found us! Hopefully we will get a few bookings as a result of this ceilidh because we'd love to play for this crowd again- they were really keen!

Next weekend we've got our final two weddings of the month of May (both down in England- ROAD TRIP)!

Posted at 7:30 on 24th May 2015 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Finish a Run of Three Weddings in Four Days

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Finish a Run of Three Weddings in Four Days

I'm sure her new husband will agree with me when I say our latest bride, Sarah, has excellent taste! Sarah made great choices with their wedding venue (Johnstone's Lynnhurst Hotel), photographer (our pal and photography genius Andi Watson) and ceilidh band (Jiggered, of course). We were booked up for this wedding after our wedding fair performance at Hampden back in September. And it wasn't just the bride and groom who are Jiggered fans: the resident DJ at Lynnhurst introduced us as "Scotland's Number 1 Ceilidh Band". Now, I'm not going to blow our own trumpet but I will allow him to!

We wish the happy couple all the best for the future. Now time to relax before the final three weddings in May for in-demand Jiggered!

Posted at 6:13 on 12th May 2015 by Chris Smith

Another Jiggered wedding- this time in Castle Douglas!

Another Jiggered wedding- this time in Castle Douglas!

So, Jiggered continued their relentless spell of May weddings with Beth and Neil's reception, held at the gorgeous Argrennan Manor House (near Castle Douglas). The superb staff at the venue helped us unload all our sound stuff- and are welcome to do so at all future Jiggered events!

First dance for the new Mr and Mrs Christie was our version of "Hearbeats" (a song they love by Jose Gonzalez). After that, the marquee was rocking all night with a crowd who knew how to ceilidh in style. Of course, everyone stops for buffet...the array of cheeses accompanied by some brilliant steak pies meant everyone was happy!

Neil and Beth were lovely- so complimentary all night and it really was a pleasure to play for them!

Posted at 17:50 on 10th May 2015 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Wedding at Sherbrooke Castle

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Wedding at Sherbrooke Castle

As Jiggered started our first of three weddings in four days, the nation was buzzing with chatter about the election. There'll be none of that in this blog, though, except to say that we're delighted Emma and Stuart voted us in as their wedding band! 

The new Mr and Mrs Honan had their reception at Glasgow's Sherbrooke Castle- we've played there many times before and the combination of the conservatory, bar area and function room work well for ceilidhs (guests who need a breather after an energetic strip the willow can nip out for a minute, refuel and then return for more ceilidh action!). The coronation chicken sandwiches also come with Jiggered's recommendation too!

Emma and Stuart chose Seal's "Kiss From a A Rose" for their first dance which our Emma was excited about (not least because it featured in Batman Forever!). It was a nice way to kick off the evening and we were really pleased with how our version of this 1994 hit sounded!

We're off to Castle Douglas next...

Posted at 7:41 on 9th May 2015 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band At Another Madderty Hall Wedding

Jiggered Ceilidh Band At Another Madderty Hall Wedding

There's a lovely wee venue near Crieff called Madderty Hall. We've played there before and it's picturesque location, minimalist modern decor and intimacy make it an ideal place for a wedding.

This time, we were providing the entertainment at Melanie and Lewis' wedding. The couple heard us play a couple of times and booked us up at Ross and Emma's wedding. Mel had loved our style, especially dancing away to her favourite (the eightsome reel!).

We set up our equipment, squeezing in between the many, many, many natural table decorations...our speakers have never looked so pretty!

Highlights from the night included:

-Ewan's newest fan loved how Ewan's drumming fills dominated the sound

-the Hooligan's Jig and Orchadian Strip the Willows which were enormous

-Lewis surprising Melanie by becoming an honorary Scot for the evening changing into a kilt outfit

We had a great time at ths one and it's the start of a busy month for Jiggered...

Posted at 8:06 on 3rd May 2015 by Chris Smith