Jiggered Ceilidh Band: 70th Birthday Party at Glasgow's Destiny

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: 70th Birthday Party at Glasgow's Destiny

Over the years we've played at Glasgow's Destiny again and again! It's a great venue if you're planning a wedding or a party. This time it the birthday boy was Henry, who was just turning 70! His wife Maggie was the driving force behind this event...coordinating food and drink (we were stuffed after the snacks, champagne, buffet, dessert and cake which Maggie kept insisting we "wired into") and ensuring the guests were getting up to dance throughout the evening. 

Henry gave a short speech and was joined by his family who performed a couple of songs that mean a lot to him. It was nice to hear a bit of Henry's fascinating life story and be a part of the 70th celebrations! 

Rob from Destinly looked after us well and we met a few familiar faces. And all done by 9.30pm!

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Jiggered's wedding debut at Boturich Castle

Jiggered's wedding debut at Boturich Castle

Just when you think we must have played at every wedding venue on Loch Lomond, another gem is uncovered. This time the stunning lochside location was "Boturich Castle" which has amazing views, an impressive castle and a fine marquee too! And the Boturich staff were great too...they said that we'd scooped the prize for fastest band setup/packdown. Another Jiggered award!

James and Kate's guests were loving the ceilidh dances...we even wheeled out the "Cumberland Basket" for the first time in a while! 

One more ceilidh left this month!

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An ODE to Adam McBride

An ODE to Adam McBride

Professor Adam McBride OBE has inspired a generation of Mathematicians at Strathclyde, across Scotland and beyond. His enthusiasm for the subject is still incredible at the age of 70!

I was privileged to be invited by Adam and Ellen to an intimate 70th birthday bash in an appropriately-selected Edinburgh location where I provided a poetic tribute, delivered on OHP, to the great man.

Regrettably, I don't have video footage, but here is the "ODE" in full- hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as the guests did on the big day!

Happy birthday, Adam!

Today's the ideal opportunity for us to bear in mind
What it is that makes Adam C. McBride one of a kind
He's been utterly inspiring to me and hunners more
Enthusiastic, brilliant...You guys here all ken the score.

The art of communication has suffered some disjoint:
The last twa' decades we've encountered death by powerpoint.
Oor Adam won't be tempted by swooshing text and animations
He's got his trusty OHP to entertain the nations.

With pens and slides he'd bring to life some beautiful old theories
And bamboozle almost everyone with "Sequences and Series"
Generations of Strathclyders know exactly what they want
His unique distinctive handwriting as an "Adam McBride" font!

There's no question that the Professor's got his own inimitable style
On his quest to help folk out he'll go the extra mile.
Strathclyde, UKMT, SMC, IMO and schools both near and far
Are indebted for the input of this Maths-world superstar.

He's aye aff gallavanting on endless Mathsy tours
It'd take a special companion to while away the hours
While Adam's in at umpteen schools "MATHS IS BEST" is what he's telling.
Thankfully he's got his sidekick, the ever patient, natural "ln"

What a week fir birthdays...celebrating with Adam and the Queen
But as he'd want to clarify, there's 20 years between.
The Queen of course, like everyone here, is quite the Adam-fan:
She awarded him the OBE. He deserves it- whit a man.

Adam really loves to golf- did you see his birdie on the third?
And although this may seem cryptic, you'll never hear a cross word
From this classy gentleman who's patient and can be counted on to choose
Not to get 2DOWN about solving all those clues.

The word "legend" is abused these days, too easily assigned.
But for Adam it seems fitting, like for him it's been designed.
Today we mark his transition to the club septuagenarian
knowing that he likes steak "pi" too much to ever go vegetarian.

I'm sure, with me, you'd like to thank our host for this, his birthday do.
Adam, it's an honour to have a friend like you.
You still live life at hectic pace- who knows what's next in store?
But seventy years of excellence and here's to many more.

*I thought I'd post this poem here since Adam is a massive Jiggered Ceilidh Band fan and has booked us for Maths functions a few times!

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Another wedding at Altskeith for Jiggered Ceilidh Band

Another wedding at Altskeith for Jiggered Ceilidh Band

When the sun's shining, Altskeith Country House is a fantastic venue. The glistening loch, the imposing hills in the background all framed by impressive trees...Altskeith's panormanic window views are unforgettable, as Raymie will testify to. 

Ali and Colin started the evening with our mashup of Caledonia/1000 Years (if you haven't checked out our promi version of this, click here!). After that, Jiggered served up some quickfire ceilidh action as we crammed in as much as we could before the end of the night!

All the best Ali and Colin...and thanks for the bacon rolls!

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Paul and Carolyn throw an awesome wedding!

Paul and Carolyn throw an awesome wedding!

A quirky yet classy venue (Dalduff Farm), simple decorations, attention to detail, great food and drink, thoughtful ideas for keeping guests occupied, live performances from the bride and groom and a superb ceilidh. Paul and Carolyn were the kind of folk who are instantly welcoming and a pleasure to play for! 

Highlights from tonight's ceilidh:
-Mr and Mrs Massie's stunning duet performance
-meeting up with guest Martin who played bass guitar for Jiggered for 5 years
-playing the first dance "Shut Up and Dance With Me" and dad/daughter dance "Isn't She Lovely"
-an incredible debut from Callum (with Ewan touring in America)

A great evening. Thanks everyone!

Posted at 0:02 on 10th April 2016 by Chris Smith

Jiggered start a busy month of ceilidhs with a wedding at New Lanark Mill Hotel

Jiggered start a busy month of ceilidhs with a wedding at New Lanark Mill Hotel

After a quiet-ish March, Jiggered are back in the thick of the ceilidh action and looking forward to a really busy April. It all started with Ali and Sam's wedding at the New Lanark Mill Hotel (somewhere we've played many times before).

Ali and Sam were a lovely couple to play for- we'd met before at other weddings we've played at and on their big day they were relaxed, enjoying themselves and were really grateful that we managed to provide their ceilidh (complete with a wee rendition of "Tell Me Ma" during the Orchadian Strip the Willow to the delight of their Irish guests!). 

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: the only choice for wedding ceilidh connoisseurs: if you're thinking "I'd like Jiggered to marry me" then we'll happily marry you!

Posted at 7:47 on 3rd April 2016 by Chris Smith