Jiggered- wedding at Enterkine House Hotel

Jiggered- wedding at Enterkine House Hotel

Jiggered Ceilidh Band were back in action, this time at Phil and Ruth's wedding at Ayrshire's Enterkine House Hotel. We roped in photographer Ben Blair to come along to take a few band pictures before the wedding...some have turned out not too shabby, despite the raw material Ben was working with!

Phil and Ruth kicked off the evening, about 9.45pm, with what Susan described as "the sweetest first dance she's ever seen" *cue tears*. After this, the ceilidh got underway. The marquee at Enterkine has a pretty strict sound limiter system but we managed to play within the decibel count and the music flowed without interruption all evening. 

There were a few familiar faces at the wedding, including master of ceremonies for the evening, a certain Jiggered-super-fan, Ewan Speedie!

Ice cream stand, sweety pick and mix, bacon rolls, flash mob choir, outdoor games for the kids....this weddind will be remembered for a long time! 

All the best for the future, Phil and Ruth!

Posted at 7:01 on 24th June 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Birthday Bash in Hurlford

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Birthday Bash in Hurlford

Maybe you've never been to Hurlford (formerly Whirlford and Hurdleford). Jiggered have been a few times. Every time we've been ceilidhing at the request of David Rowan. Up until now, the events were fundraisers for a local football team but on this occasion we were performing at a big family/friends get-together under the guise of a Birthday Bash! 

Fish suppers all round at our break. Brilliant. But the highlight for me was chatting to all the folk who know me less as Jiggered's piano player and more as Mr Smith, local geeky Maths teacher. There were former students who reminisced about our class antics, parents (one who asked for a selfie for her son who is currently partying in Magaluf) and some super-smart pupils from our new 5th Year who'd put in a bit of effort scrubbing up nicely for the evening! When David gave a speech at half-time he (without warning) asked for a Maths song from me. Thankfully, the crowd bailed me out from an embarrassing solo by joining in to "The Quadratic Formula Song"...

Thanks for having us at your "do", Rowans. Happy 50th to David, happy 50th to Sandra, happy 21st to Scott, happy 16th to Sophie and happy 24th to Nicola!

Posted at 7:45 on 18th June 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band at Yacht Club Wedding

Jiggered Ceilidh Band at Yacht Club Wedding

A very busy month for Jiggered, ended with James and Heather's wedding at the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club (Rhu). We've played at this venue before but I didn't remember the views being quite so spectacular.

James and Heather chose "Go Lassie Go" for their first dance (despite the groom's reservations about the first dance, the wedding guests were whooping and cheering for the couple throughout- it was lovely). And as soon as we kicked off the ceilidh action, everyone was keen to get in on the dancefloor action! 

We enjoyed playing "You and Me" by the Wannadies- another request from the couple and it proved a hit with the guests who were up boogying and knew every one of the lyrics!

There was a bit of taxing chat at the break (thanks Ewan) and we met a couple who are in a ceilidh band of their own!

We'll be back in June. For now, I need a lie down.

Posted at 7:17 on 28th May 2017 by Chris Smith

What a day for a wedding- Jiggered soaking up the sun!

What a day for a wedding- Jiggered soaking up the sun!

Fraser and April nailed their wedding preparations. Not only did they pick a lovely wedding venue (Glasgow's House of an Art Lover, decorated beautifully and with excellent nibbles at the buffet). Not only did they pick a cracking ceilidh band (yes, I mean us). They also managed to pick the warmest day of the year- their guests enjoyed temperatures up to 28° if the reading on my car was accurate!

The new Mr and Mrs Smith started the evening dancing to their first dance request, David Gray's "The One I Love". Nice. Some great dancing and even-than-better sounding drumming from Ewan (you didn't think that was possible!?) with his new shiny cymbals. 

First wedding of the weekend done- next one in Rhu. Maybe see you there!

Posted at 7:38 on 27th May 2017 by Chris Smith

Four ceilidhs in nine days (4)

Four ceilidhs in nine days (4)

Last Saturday was the wedding of Ally and Anya at the stunning
Stonefield Castle.

Having met the happy couple last year, we were excited to be part of
their big day (it's not every day you get to play for a referee who's been part of the lineup of officials for Euro Championships and Scottish Cup Finals)!!

The night kicked off in true form with the first dance where we
performed our version of Dolly Parton's 'From Here To The Moon And
Back'. We followed this up with 'From Russia With Love' which went
down a storm - particularly with Ally and Anya, and their many Russian
guests who made the journey across to Scotland to celebrate.

The crowd were consistently fantastic - filling the floor for every
ceilidh dance. One Russian guest in particular had a whale of a time
during Strip the Willow, really getting into the music...and the band!
The night ended with a group sing song after which we made our way
back round the stunning Kintyre Peninsula.

We've got another busy one this weekend with weddings Friday and
Saturday night, so stay tuned for the highlights.

All the best Ally and Anya!

Posted at 16:28 on 26th May 2017 by Chris Smith

Four ceilidhs in nine days (3)

Four ceilidhs in nine days (3)

Glasgow's Corinthian. It's a stunning venue. The impressive building is just off George Square and its impressive architecture combined with its luxurious decor make it a really classy venue.

Jiggered were performing at Strathclyde's Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management Graduation Ball. We had a short slot between the end of the graduates' meal and the DJ's session into the early hours! With less than 90 minutes to play, we crammed in loads of ceilidh dances! It was high energy, frenetic but brilliant.

Jetsetting Ewan had flown up from London in time to catch this one!

It was a pleasure for me recognise one of the graduates celebrating the culmination of her undergraduate studies. Ashley and I reminisced about memorable moments from her time in my class about 10 years ago! Jiggered wish Ashley and the rest of her classmates all the best for their promising futures!

Posted at 5:23 on 18th May 2017 by Chris Smith

Four ceilidhs in nine days (2)

Four ceilidhs in nine days (2)

Second ceilidh of the weekend. Lovely location (Bankfoot Church Centre, near Perth). Lovely bride and groom (Jacob and Lyndsay).

As if a cracking ceilidh wasn't enough, guests were treated to an ice-cream stand, more homemade traybakes that I've ever seen in one place, a soft play, rolls at the break... Excellent!!

Things went so well that at the end father-of-the-bride, Iain, came to thank us for playing another of his daughter's wedding. Two of his girls have hired Jiggered for their weddings and Iain's determined his other two will in the future too! 

Next gig on our list: a graduation ball at Glasgow's fancy Corinthian!

Posted at 7:05 on 14th May 2017 by Chris Smith

Four ceilidhs in nine days (1)

Four ceilidhs in nine days (1)

Jiggered Ceilidh Band have a busy May lined up- we're starting with a run of four ceilidhs in nine days. Don't worry, we have the stamia for it!

The first is one of our regular favourite gigs. The Larbert Pentecostal Church ceilidh is organised by Michelle and it's always a packout. Everyone gets dressed up, arrive early and the buzz in the room even as we set up indicate this is going to be a belter! We're not disappointed either- this crowd love a ceilidh and Beancross Farm's massive dance floor is crammed all evening with smiley dancers. 

If forced to mention something here that won't make any sense to the rest of you I'd probably refer to Ewan's raffle/competition skills being demonstrated once again, Emma's ability to tell her left from her right (she's a bright girl, after all...I mean, she has Standard Grades and everything) and Susan lamenting that her Magner's pint glass was filled with water.

Off to Perth next.

Posted at 7:22 on 13th May 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidhing at Ball for Radiologists!

Jiggered Ceilidhing at Ball for Radiologists!

Jiggered's latest gig was this one for some radiologists whose big hearts (note: this has not been verified by any form of scan) led to them raising money for the Beatson at their Ball hosted at Glasgow's Oran Mor.

As I scanned the room tonight, I spotted my good friend Dr W but there was no sign of MR I. We ceilidhed straight through to midnight and our radiology friends will confirm the diagnosis of our set arrangement: no sign of any breaks. Everyone seemed to love Jiggered's music with one punter, Tom Ogrophy, saying "You guys were sound. Ultra sound...". Alan's good lady Katy had been involved in arranging the event and lined up the post-ceilidh music which was taking the partying radiologists into the early hours. Hopefully everyone was well-behaved after we left and there are no reports of any x-ray-ted behaviour. 

Fun evening, great crowd.

Posted at 0:19 on 7th May 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Edinburgh Academy Wedding

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Edinburgh Academy Wedding

I'll go ahead and say it. Boris and Gillian's reception at Edinburgh Academy provided the ceilidh of 2017! This one will be the benchmark against which all ceilidhs will be compared this year. The newlyweds were loving our tunes (especially hugh praise as they're both talented musicians- violinists!). The crowd, which included a load of Russian guests, absolutely lapped up every ceilidh dance, cover set and Scottish tune. From the moment Emma anounced the next song, the floor was crammed every dance and it's always nice to have massive applause after every one!

A few of our newest sets (including some cover mashups Emma put together and ceilidh tunes courtesy of Susan) went down a storm...looking forward to building them into future ceilidhs!

We had some grub at half time from award winning chippy L'alba D'oro...great wee place- the owner Filippo even offered Emma some free chips. 

Posted at 8:38 on 9th April 2017 by Chris Smith

Maths Camp Ceilidh for Jiggered Ceilidh Band

Maths Camp Ceilidh for Jiggered Ceilidh Band

The annual Grange Academy Maths Camp is a cracking event. Jiggered's piano man, Chris, is known as "Mr Smith" at this one and his students are so Maths-crazed that they'll spend an entire weekend at the Revision weekend each year studying Higher and Advanced Higher Maths.

The Saturday night ceilidh at Gartmore House is a definite highlight of the weekend: the enthusiastic, energetic students dance for a solid hour and a half and they LOVE it.

Maths and Scottish music- what a great blend. Check out Chris' geeky version of "500 Miles" at the Scottish Mathematical Council's Conference earlier in the month.

Posted at 18:36 on 26th March 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Milngavie Primary Fundraiser

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Milngavie Primary Fundraiser

With Emma away for the weekend, the stage was set for Ellyn to make her Jiggered debut. It was a lively ceilidh with loads of pupils from the Milngavie Primary (the school the PTA were raising money for). Ellyn has been working with hordes of students across East Ayrshire recently and this experience was really clear as she expertly guided this enthusiastic bunch through the dances.

We've played this one year after year and love it. The young people were pleading for autographs and asking if we had an album out!

Ewan was back on form, winning fudge in the tombola!

There are a few dates in March and April we're offering discounts for. If you're looking for a last minute ceilidh, give us a shout.

Posted at 22:54 on 25th February 2017 by Chris Smith

Amazing last minute deals with Jiggered Ceilidh Band....£300 off!

Amazing last minute deals with Jiggered Ceilidh Band....£300 off!

If you're interested in hiring one of Scotland's most popular ceilidh bands for a ceilidh this March or April 2017, you're in luck. 

We're offering an incredible £300 off ceilidhs for our remaining dates in the next couple of months...Just send us an email or give us a ring and you could get yourself a quality band for a fraction of the usual price!

The dates available (right now) are 10th/11th/17th/18th March and 14th/15th April!

Obviously these dates will be snapped up quickly so get in touch soon to avoid disappointment. And the usual terms and conditions apply...subject to availability etc etc...

Hope to hear from you soon.

Posted at 0:21 on 19th February 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band play for Kilmarnock Scouts

Jiggered Ceilidh Band play for Kilmarnock Scouts

Jiggered were in action in the Kay Park Parish Church Halls for the 37th Henderson Scouts. Some of the young men are off to Namibia during the summer - it was our pleasure to play at this fundraiser. 

Jiggered's piano player Chris (better known as "Mr Smith" in Kilmarnock) knew a few of the ceilidhers and raffle salesman Scott ensured Mr S ended up with raffle ticket "314" as a tribute to pi. Unfortunatley, this didn't win any prizes! 

Fiona had organised the event- the buffet featured rolls and sausage (always a hit) and bowls of mushy peas (this might be a "Jiggered" first).

Watch out for a few opportunities to snap up a cut-price last minute ceilidh....we'll be posting these on our website and Facebook page soon! 

Posted at 23:46 on 18th February 2017 by Chris Smith

Annual Burns Supper Ceilidh at Townhead, Newmilns

Annual Burns Supper Ceilidh at Townhead, Newmilns

Jiggered's January giglist wouldn't be complete without a wee Burns Supper Ceilidh at Townhead Church in Newmilns. This is always a lively event swarming with kids and families from the town (and with a few fans from further afield popping in too). 

The crowd are great, the food was a big hit (haggis, neeps and chips for tatties), the address to the haggis from Paul was entertaining as ever and of course Jiggered's music went down a storm. 

Thanks to Ewan, Susan and Emma for their incredible talent and willingness to come doon to Ayrshire yet again. We love you guys!

Posted at 22:53 on 27th January 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band play for Adventurously Expectant Couple in Milngavie!

Jiggered Ceilidh Band play for Adventurously Expectant Couple in Milngavie!

This was the start of 2017 for Jiggered Ceilidh Band. It was also the start of an incredible adventure into the unknown for Don and Lorna. They were hosting this ceilidh in Milngavue Town Hall as a farewell to the colleagues, friends and family. On Wednesday the couple leave behind the comfort of their lifestyle, secure jobs, lovely home and fly out to South Africa to volunteer indefinitely. Don will be helping to construct sustainable housing for those living in poverty while Lorna will be setting up health clinics to provide vital care in these communities.

If you're interested in finding out more, following their adventures or support them, head over to their blog, Adventurously Expectant. We wish the McLeans all the best for the future too! 

So if you're looking for a ceilidh in 2017, whether that's a fundraiser, wedding or even a leavers' party, please get in touch!

Posted at 8:25 on 15th January 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band entertain Hogmanay guests at Dumfries' Crichton

Jiggered Ceilidh Band entertain Hogmanay guests at Dumfries' Crichton

Another memorable, exciting year for Jiggered came to an end in Easterbrook Hall at The Crichton. The Hogmanay celebrations there are well worth coming along to if you're in the Dumfries area. The evening kicks off with fine food (we were treated to a delicious three-courser before kicking off the ceilidh). The crowd are keen ceilidhers - the dancefloor was crammed all night- at one point there was so much dancing space that we had a set doing the Strip the Willow in the hallway just outside the function room!!

As 2017 approached, Emma performed the countdown "10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..HAPPY NEW YEAR!" and then the confetti canons exploded. After the New Year greetings, smooches, hugs and well wishes we finished off the rest of our set. At 1pm when the evening ended so many of the guests complimented us on our music which was lovely.

We're excited about what 2017 has in store for Jiggered. If you're looking for a ceilidh band, please give us a shout!

Posted at 9:27 on 1st January 2017 by Chris Smith