Jiggered- wedding at Enterkine House Hotel

Jiggered- wedding at Enterkine House Hotel

Jiggered Ceilidh Band were back in action, this time at Phil and Ruth's wedding at Ayrshire's Enterkine House Hotel. We roped in photographer Ben Blair to come along to take a few band pictures before the wedding...some have turned out not too shabby, despite the raw material Ben was working with!

Phil and Ruth kicked off the evening, about 9.45pm, with what Susan described as "the sweetest first dance she's ever seen" *cue tears*. After this, the ceilidh got underway. The marquee at Enterkine has a pretty strict sound limiter system but we managed to play within the decibel count and the music flowed without interruption all evening. 

There were a few familiar faces at the wedding, including master of ceremonies for the evening, a certain Jiggered-super-fan, Ewan Speedie!

Ice cream stand, sweety pick and mix, bacon rolls, flash mob choir, outdoor games for the kids....this weddind will be remembered for a long time! 

All the best for the future, Phil and Ruth!

Posted at 7:01 on 24th June 2017 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Birthday Bash in Hurlford

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Birthday Bash in Hurlford

Maybe you've never been to Hurlford (formerly Whirlford and Hurdleford). Jiggered have been a few times. Every time we've been ceilidhing at the request of David Rowan. Up until now, the events were fundraisers for a local football team but on this occasion we were performing at a big family/friends get-together under the guise of a Birthday Bash! 

Fish suppers all round at our break. Brilliant. But the highlight for me was chatting to all the folk who know me less as Jiggered's piano player and more as Mr Smith, local geeky Maths teacher. There were former students who reminisced about our class antics, parents (one who asked for a selfie for her son who is currently partying in Magaluf) and some super-smart pupils from our new 5th Year who'd put in a bit of effort scrubbing up nicely for the evening! When David gave a speech at half-time he (without warning) asked for a Maths song from me. Thankfully, the crowd bailed me out from an embarrassing solo by joining in to "The Quadratic Formula Song"...

Thanks for having us at your "do", Rowans. Happy 50th to David, happy 50th to Sandra, happy 21st to Scott, happy 16th to Sophie and happy 24th to Nicola!

Posted at 7:45 on 18th June 2017 by Chris Smith