Jiggered Ceilidh Band back at Crutherland for Wedding!

Jiggered Ceilidh Band back at Crutherland for Wedding!

It's hard to beat the MacDonald CrutherlandHouse for us.

Convenient loading access for equipment, it's handy to get to for us, the room is superb for a ceilidh, they do cracking tattie scones as part of the buffet and you can play board games in the lounge! 

Philip and Jacqueline booked us for their wedding and the crowd were fantastic. Some had jetter over from New York for the wedding and others had travelled up from England too. And what a Scottish celebration we had. The floor was packed for every dance and it's always reassuring when the groom exerts himself so much that his shirt is drenched in sweat and he needs to have a lie down on the dance floor!!

Another ceilidh masterclass. 

All the best Mr and Mrs Anderson!

Posted at 18:04 on 1st October 2018 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Wedding at Greyfriars Kirk

Jiggered Ceilidh Band Wedding at Greyfriars Kirk

Three ceilidhs in a row...and every one was absolutely brilliant!

The latest in the trilogy was Ed and Sarah's wedding at the famous Greyfriars Kirk (made famous thanks to Greyfriars Bobby)! The venue is stunning both historically and architecturally. And it was the perfect venue for hundreds of guests to really get into the ceilidh action.

First dance was a Jiggered first: "Son of a Preacher Man". And it went down a storm. The whole evening was awesome and we absolutely loved it. There was some rather amazing dance moves on display. Most notably, one dancer was enthusistically demonstrating her "worm" technique! Ewan captured this beautifully on video- I'll try and share it with you sometime.

Wishing the happy couple all the very best for the future! 

And I won't even mention Ewan's run-in with the Edinburgh police at the end of the night....

Posted at 13:18 on 2nd September 2018 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band at Airth Castle Wedding

Jiggered Ceilidh Band at Airth Castle Wedding

Garry and Julie booked us up for their wedding at Airth Castle and we were absolutely delighted to play for them- what a lovely couple. They chose to kick off the evening as the first couple in a massive weaving-round-the-dance-floor Orchadian Strip the Willow which worked really well actually. 

This seemed like the ceilidh where Gemma really "arrived"! Jiggered have always had serious talent fronting the band (10 years with Jenny and 5 years with Emma)...but at this wedding, the room was packed with loads of Gemma's friends and family so she wanted to prove to them live what she could do. And, unsurprisingly to the three of us, she pulled it off. Everyone was blown away by Gemma's explanations of the dances, banter with the crowd and of, of course, her voice. We're grateful for the past decade and a half and excited about the future for Jiggered (watch this space for some new stuff we have in the pipeline!)....

Posted at 7:01 on 1st September 2018 by Chris Smith