Jiggered celebrate wedding St Andews University

Jiggered celebrate wedding St Andews University

Katy and Yiannis recently married in Cyprus. But you can't have a real wedding without a ceilidh afterwards...! So they hired Jiggered to provide this vital component to the wedding celebrations. 

St Andrews University was the venue: specifically the Upper College Halls. Wandering through the starlit quadrangle would have been much more enjoyable if we hadn't been humphing all the drums, speakers and instruments! Still, it's a lovely spot and this ceilidh crowd were worth it! From the first dance - we performed Jason Mraz' "I won't give up" while the bride and groom expertly executed their choreographed masterpiece- to the big finale of the evening (a monstrous orchadian strip the willow, auld lang syne and loch lomond- the Scottish/Cypriot crowd were totally up for the ceilidh. A pleasure to play for. 

Raymie was filling in for Susan as she popped down to see her folks in Sheffield (which was a bit of a shame as we'd played at Morven's wedding 11 years ago and she was there last night)! But a brilliant evening. Lots of laughs. Thanks for having us!

Posted at 19:16 on 18th November 2018 by Chris Smith

Jiggered play double 21st birthday ceilidh

Jiggered play double 21st birthday ceilidh

Shannon and Demi's 21st celebations were held in Castlecary Hotel. These twins had a load of family and friends gathered togther for a unique party. The theme was "Gatsby" and everyone had made a proper effort to dress up accordingly. It made the whole evening dead entertaining! 

Shannon wanted a ceilidh so we kicked off the evening and Demi had her heart set on a disco so after our set and the buffet the DJ took over. 

We had a fun night...lots of familiar Lockes in the crowd and Joy who booked us almost 10 years ago for her wedding!

Happy birthday Shannon and Demi!

Posted at 23:54 on 9th November 2018 by Chris Smith

Jiggered play for GO! Youth Trust

Jiggered play for GO! Youth Trust

This photo shows how folk feel when they realise a Jiggered ceilidh is finished...bravely holding back the tears but hardly masking their disappointment that the joyous celebrations were over!

Let me paint you a picture of our latest ceilidh. It was a fundraiser for GO! Youth Trust who do a brilliant job helping young people, and its supporters were decorated with awards by Dave Bremner. It was a privilege to brush shoulders with these incredibly generous and inspirational volunteers and young people.

I don't want to gloss over our Jiggered chat at the start of the night but sharper readers might have spotted the references to what Ewan wll be doing in his living room this week!

Posted at 8:35 on 4th November 2018 by Chris Smith