Jiggered Roadtrip to Bath!

Jiggered Roadtrip to Bath!

The Proclaimers have inspred the soundtrack to our latest ceilidh adventure..."I would drive 400 miles and I would drive 400 miles more..."

David first heard us way back in 2007. He loved the sound so booked us to play at his daughter's wedding. Then his wife, Netta, had a significant birthday. We were unavailable for the date they had in mind so the whole party was postponed for a few months to allow the family's favourite band to perform! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs B!

It was a pleasure to play for these lovely folks again. And the roadtrip was ardous in terms of the heavy mileage but also an absolute treat thanks to the company! Great banter from Team Jiggered. Loved every minute.

Exciting times ahead for the band. Watch this space, folks!

Posted at 21:11 on 17th February 2019 by Chris Smith

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Milngavie Primary Fundraiser (AGAIN)!

Jiggered Ceilidh Band: Milngavie Primary Fundraiser (AGAIN)!

We love this wee ceilidh. It's been a regular gig over many years and hopefully for years to come. Loads of kids (boys mainly playing tig and performing Fortnite dances) and girls (mainly eye-rolling at their male classmates and keen to show off their ceilidh moves). 

The organisers know how to put on a cracking fundraiser. The venue, Milngavie Town Hall, is massive - perfect for a huge ceilidh. The Domino's Pizza at half-time always goes down well. Raffle prizes add to the adrenaline. Superb!

See you in 2020, guys.

Posted at 9:15 on 2nd February 2019 by Chris Smith

Jiggered at Eden Leisure Village for Ryan's 40th birthday party

Jiggered at Eden Leisure Village for Ryan's 40th birthday party

A spectacular start to an exciting year for Jiggered! 

Ryan, owner of Regis Banqueting, hosted his weekend-long 40th birthday celebration celebrations at Eden Leisure Village and who else would he draft in for the Saturday ceilidh action but Jiggered? We had a blast- the barn is looking amazing and the buffet was unsurprisingly phenomenal (lobster, anyone?). All the best for the coming year, Ryan!

There's lots in the pipeline coming up in 2019 for Jiggered (including a new website featuring never-before-seen photos and videos). Watch this space!

Posted at 8:31 on 13th January 2019 by Chris Smith

Jiggered at Hogmanay- a pair of gigs!

Jiggered at Hogmanay- a pair of gigs!

Hogmanay 2018: Part 1. 
We kicked off the Hogmanay action back with our friends from ViZion Church again. They have a lovely wee New Year's Eve "do" each year in the Murray Owen Centre in East Kilbride and we dished up an action packed two hour ceilidh for them from 7.30-9.30 before a rapid pack down so we could head over to our second gig of the evening!

Hogmanay 2018: Part 2.
We were at Elim Church in Glasgow by 10pm and that allowed us plenty time to get set up! This was a huge Hogmanay do and it's always nice to be involved in the "over-the-bells" slot...the big countdown and the cheering and the New Year greetings. Love it. 

2018 has been another massive year for Jiggered. A load of amazing ceilidhs, an overseas trip and a change in lineup. This was the year when Emma finished up with the band after 5 years of Jiggered excellence! And in stepped our Gemma! From ceilidh novice to total pro in a year- it's been a steep learning curve for Mrs P but the journey has been so much fun. Here's to more awesome ceilidh action in 2019!

Posted at 9:41 on 1st January 2019 by Chris Smith