“We are a Glasgow-based Scottish ceilidh band available for wedding and event hire.”




Sounding Jiggered.

Jiggered are a 4-piece Scottish ceilidh band and we’re immensely fond of our wee country’s musical heritage. You’ll pick that up from the moment you hear us. With a line-up of guitar, keyboard, fiddle, drums and vocals, we take some of Scotland’s most beloved traditional tunes, often blended with your favourite pop crowd pleasers, and create the contemporary Jiggered sound that has been adored by crowd after crowd for the past 16 years.


Jiggered For Years.


Jiggered was formed in 2002 while its founder members were studying at The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. After accepting a request to “give it a go”, we took to the stage and played to our first crowd with a sense of jittery excitement. The sweaty, slightly bruised dancers, gave their seal of approval with rapturous applause and a few follow-up bookings - so we’ve been giving it a go ever since. Now one of Scotland’s most successful ceilidh bands, we have played hundreds of ceilidhs across the UK, and beyond.