"Best Ceilidh Ever" At Fingask


This week Jiggered were back at Fingask Castle for Johanna and Darren’s wedding.

Johanna is the third of three sisters whose weddings we have played at, so it was a pleasure to play for the family again and we included some previous first dances as a special touch, as well as the happy couple’s request of ‘Circus Girl’ by Mindy Gledhill – a first for us.

Alongside the ceilidh action, there were space hopper races, jugglers and an ice cream cart all going on at this eventful wedding!

After a night of dancing to ceilidh and covers, Johanna and Darren were given a fabulous send-off with a huge Orcadian Strip the Willow, Auld Lang Syne then a never-ending arch to Loch Lomond going all the way outside into the stunning grounds where they were showered with lavender confetti. A brilliant end to a great night. Our favourite quote of the night - "I have been to a LOT of ceilidhs but that was the best I have ever been to!"

We wish you both all the very best for the future, and hope we get to play for this lovely family once again!

Ewan Cunningham