Leaving the crowd wanting (Oran) Mor....

GEOMED 2019 Glasgow University Oran Mor Jiggered Ceilidh Band Conference.jpg

What do you get if you cross a bunch of statisticians, geographers, epidemiologists, computer scientists, and public health professionals…? It’s either the answer to a seriously niche joke or it’s GEOMED. This international conference happens every two years across the world and the 2019 event was hosted by Glasgow University.

The conference social event was held in the spectacular Oran Mor and Jiggered were delighted to be there to guide the delegates through the ceilidh. Loads of the academics were giving ceilidh a go for the first time but that makes for a fun evening. Gemma expertly guided everyone through the moves - brilliant dancers and loud cheers at the end of each song!

(Also great to bump into former pupil big Jack, who was waiting tables!)