Burns' Supper 2015

This was our FIFTH year providing a Burns’ Ceilidh at Destiny Church! They love a Jiggered ceilidh and we always have a great time. Looked after by the sound team (who presumably were confused by my vocal sound check choices: The Quadratic Formula Song followed by a dramatic reading of the lyrics to ‘Dignity’), treated to a green room while we’re not on stage, welcomed back as old friends by familiar faces and a big crowd of young people keen to ceilidh…

It was funny to spot a few guys on the dancefloor who had obviously received GoPro cameras for their Christmas- they were experimenting with them all night. Wonder if we’ll get to see some of the footage?

Jiggered Fan of The Weekend, Alison Murdoch, was quoted as saying “That was absolutely fabulous! We all loved it!”.

It was a busy weekend but last night’s break allowed for some great Jiggered banter over sugary goodies provided by our hosts. Yum.