Another Aberdeen Wedding

It’s only been two weeks since Jiggered Ceilidh Band were up in the Aberdeen area but last night we visited the Maryculter Hotel for our latest wedding. We arrived ridiculously early which allowed us to relax in front of the log fire (stoked ably by Dr Baxter). There was also a fine collection of antique texts to browse through- one that caught my attention was “On the Treatment of Wounds and Fractures”. It had some gruesome pictures in it- one I’ve used for the blog photo!

The bride and groom, Sandra and Craig, had requested that for their first dance we learn a lovely duet called “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Emma and I have sung it together in the car a lot recently and the practice seemed to pay off- it went down a storm and we even had an encore at the end of the evening because the groom stated that he couldn’t have hoped the duet would have gone any better!

Stovies at the break. Yum.

Top tip: To avoid the speed cameras on the road from Glasgow to Aberdeen set your cruise control to 70mph.
Note: This only works if you are aware of the odd bits on the dual carriageway where the limit changes to 50mph/60mph. Ooops.