Another Crear Wedding!

Over the past few years Jiggered Ceilidh Band have at Crear umpteen times for weddings. It’s a 3hr journey to Crear from my house but it allows us to have a good blether in the car. The most contentious topic was this hot potato “Is a duck a bird?”. Despite my insistence it was (ok, my reasoning of “it flies and you get it when served a bird-in-a-bird-in-a-bird was a bit ropey), Ewan’s suggestion it might be a fish and Emma playing the “I’m a doctor so I’m right” card to shut both of us up we didn’t really reach agreement. It appears wikipedia is on my side!

Claire and Craig had asked for the themetune to Juno (All I Want Is You) for their first dance so I had to buy a harmonica and learn how to play the part. It went well and the rest of the night was great with the Jiggered mix of Scottish tunes, ceilidh and covers being a real hit with everyone at the wedding.

Next week is Susan’s last ceilidh before her maternity leave!