Burns' Night 2014 (Episode 2)


What a brilliant weekend it’s been for Jiggered Ceilidh Band! Tonight we returned to play at one of favourite venues: Destiny‘s Burns’ Night Ceilidh. It’s consistently one of the best events we play at every year.

The team (in particular organiser Gemma, our host Alan and sound genius Wyl) looked after us superbly. The dancers were incredible. The floor was heaving and it was a glorious sight…

Banter in the green room at the break was outstanding…as we munched on Mr T’s macaroons we chatted about future church events and recording a video (watch this space), about the irresistible Emma, about just what it would make to make Ewan’s life crumble (lots of pressure on me, there!), about our plastic surgery needs…it was hilarious stuff.

Anyway, after our double weekend, we get next weekend off!