Birthday Party in Cowdenbeath

It was off to Cowdenbeath for Jiggered Ceilidh Band last night. We were playing in the Cooperative Hall (which for me brought back memories of the old Scottish song “Wee Jeannie McColl” which if you’ve never heard played on the mandolin sounds something like this).

Keir and Lewis were having a joint 18th birthday party and the twins’ parents had booked us and we were able to play a special request of “You are my all in all”! We were delighted to be invited- although Susan did get locked in between two doors that could only be opened with a keycard (since we couldn’t help her escape, we figured the next best thing was to snap the image for the blog picture!).

It was a great night. Ewan had a spicy chicken pizza which maybe wasn’t the wisest move as “he’d not had a good week in his mouth”. I think he genuinely believes this is an actual phrase.

Anyway, our hosts Phil and Lorraine looked after us well and it seemed like everyone had a great night. Happy birthday, Keir and Lewis!