Conference Ceilidh at Glasgow Uni

The second of our run of four ceilidhs was an absolute cracker. This annual event for Statistics PhD students is always brilliant. A (statistically) significant number of them are international students who’ve never ceilidhed before but as soon as Emma announced the dance they were spilling onto the dance floor to learn how to do it. A pleasure to play for!

As if that wasn’t enough, this lot provided some pretty special performances during the break including a rendition of the Danish national anthem, poetry, an Irish duet, odes to Scots abroad, our fan Adrian’s love like red, red roses, an impressive piano piece…and lots more.

The evening started badly with Susan getting her (courtesy) car bashed from a woman blinded by the dazzling Scottish sun! But everyone’s fine and looking forward to the next step in our adventure (50{fb628cf067848a71249f318e65f7adf996f7104d757aefc188f244d067f2252c} done):