End of An Era

Last night, Jiggered Ceilidh Band were playing at in Kirkcaldy’s Beveridge Park Hotel (our second time at this venue) for the Abbotsford Care Staff Awards Night. I’ll not say too much about this event other than our first set was immediately preceded by some of the staff performing their version of Gangnam Style!

Last night was a big night for Jiggered really. Since starting in 2002 we’ve had a few musicians who have played in the band (covering each of us while we’ve been on holiday or maternity leave or sabbaticals etc). Over the years, however, Jenny has been an almost ever present. She’s missed only one or two gigs. Until now. Jenny is giving up and moving on. Susan, Ewan and I are going to miss our pal. We’ve had loads of adventures, fun and dramas. We’ve shared countless weekends together, late night road trips, every Hogmanay for a decade, created beautiful music for hundreds of brides and grooms….There are lots of “in jokes” and memories that I could share but not here.

Thanks for an unforgettable journey, Jenny.

Exciting days ahead though, with new recruit Emma. Woohoo!