Estonia And Scotland Matchup


Cast your mind back to 1996. An era when the Scottish football team actually managed to qualify for the odd World Cup or Euro Championships. October that year, the Scottish team arrived in Estonia’s capital Tallinn for their latest match. A mixup lead to one of the most ridiculous scenes in the Tartan Army’s history- Scotland lined up for their national anthem, kicked off, and celebrated victory a few seconds later. There was no Estonian team there! Refresh your memory of the story here.

Fast forward almost exactly 20 years. Thankfully there was no such mis-match at Fraser and Selene’s wedding celebrations. Both sides of the union turned up: Fraser representing the Scots and Selene was Estonian bride! They had their big “do” in St Andrews in the Square. It’s a lovely venue- if you are having a function there bear in mind that your band will have to work with the sound limiter system installed because the building is in a redsidential area. We are used to playing with these but it can be hard as enthusiastic whooping andn clapping from the ceilidhers add to the decibel count!!

Congrats to Mr and Mrs Law. Thanks for having us.