First Wedding of 2013

Weddings are our speciality. Jiggered Ceilidh Band do more weddings than anything else. This was our first of 2013 and our first event in The Couper Institute, Glasgow. It was an interesting evening- Emma was struggling with severe food poisoning and Ewan, too, was under the weather. In stepped Andi Watson (Glasgow’s finest wedding photographer and Scotland’s best stand-in drummer!) bringing his lively and fun-filled approach to wedding entertainment. I have a hunch he will be reading this, that’s why I’m being so complimentary (only kidding, our French lady).

Jiggered did lots of Scottish stuff during the night and the bride and groom who hadn’t been keen on performing a first dance ended up waltzing around to a couple of songs while guests dashed to capture the special moment!

During our break a few members of the wedding party performed Gangnam Style on the stage which was a big hit too!