Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day! Jiggered Ceilidh Band were in action at Lochside House Hotel for a wedding. I suppose getting married on Valentine’s Day might help Graham avoid forgetting his anniversary in the future (nice thinking, Rebecca!). It was cool to have our first ever mohawked groom!nThe evening started off with the cutting of the cake, the first dance, the first dance and then we got the ceilidh action going…There were loads of familiar faces in the crowd for me. Folk from the Valley who it was nice to catch up with, including Jonathan who admitted he’d had a dream about me two nights ago, Mrs D who was still raving about Jiggered’s performance 18 months ago, the Patrick and Copeland clans, Mrs P who has been following us about recently (this was her third Jiggered ceilidh in as many months) and John Mac who continues to be one of our unofficial promoters! nCake at the break, even for Emma who couldn’t resist even with the tempting (?) prospect of a protein shake and pancake when she got home!nA rare weekend for the Jiggered team next weekend…After that we’ll start a run of three ceilidhs in eight days. Woohoo!