Jiggered A Hit in Bishopbriggs

I spent yesterday at the BBC, being filmed for a small part in a TV game show called “The Dog Ate My Homework”. It was an odd experience (not least as it was the Christmas special, being recorded in September) and, inevitably given the fact it’s a brilliant-but-ridiculous CBBC programme, I ended up looking like a complete tube. All canine-related excuses for forgetting your homework are of course, unnacceptable to us teachers, kids. 

Anyway, last night Jiggered travelled to Bishopbriggs to play at Cadder Freestone Social Club. Gordon who booked us made sure we were well looked after. He provided us with drinks, bigged us up on our on-stage intro (twice), gave us a tour of the place…And at the end of the evening he let us know how pleased he was with the ceilidh and said those words that let you know you must have done a good job “You’ll be back”….