Dalmahoy Wedding Ceilidh

It’s official. Last night was one of our best ever ceilidhs. Fact. Ross and Emma were getting married at Dalmahoy (near Edinburgh) and Jiggered were drafted in to provide the ceilidh action! They’re a lovely couple and had assembled a brilliant bunch to celebrate their marriage…this crowd were buzzing, energetic and appreciative. And they never stopped. Even when the buffet was wheeled out (we enjoyed our stovies in the corridor of candlesticks!), the guests still packed the floor to the tunes that Ross had lined up on his iPad to play through our system.

A massive “Orchadian Strip The Willow” to finish off the night was the perfect way to finish off the evening. I went to shake Ross’ hand at the end of the evening but he refused. “No way!” he said. “It’s got to be a bear hug”. I’m still recovering from it!