Jiggered Conquer Ireland!


What a weekend. Nicola’s mum had asked her “Why do you want a band to come all the way from Glasgow to play at your wedding here in Ireland?”. Fair question. Nicola’s response: “Because there’s no band that can do what Jiggered do!”. That should really be the end of this blog and maybe our website tagline from now on!!

Nicola had heard us play at her friends’ wedding back in 2016! Hollie and Terry had married in Edinburgh and it was great to catchup with them at Joe and Nicola’s marriage celebrations.

The venue was over in the luxurious Markree Castle, nr Sligo. It’s a total beauty and we were treated like special guests all weekend. 

The wedding was a belter from the first dance (we learned “Loving you” by Paolo Nutini and it went down a storm) to the last energetic Loch Lomond.

So many excellent memories from this one: epic roadtrips, ferry shenanigans, snooker triumphs, theological barnstormers, Uno championships, grateful clients, massive dugs, barrels of laughs. A brilliant Jiggered experience travelling across Ireland. 

Many thanks to Joe and Nicola for having us- we wish you all the very best for the future!