Jiggered Play at Borthwick Castle


Last night, Jiggered Ceilidh Band were playing in Borthwick Castle, near Edinburgh. It was a celebration of a wedding that had already happened in America recently and a chance for friends and family to watch the DVD of the ceremony and enjoy an evening of ceilidh music.

We were playing in the “Minstrel’s Gallery” which was a unique experience (as you’ll see from some of the photos on our Flickr page. We were situated in a sort of balcony high above the guests! The trip up the spiral staircase with all the drum kit and sound stuff wasn’t much fun- and we were running up and down the stairs to demonstrate bits of the dances to some ceilidh first-timers. We got plenty of exercise throughout the night!

It was an interesting night- our first Jiggered event which also had some sword-fighting!