Jiggered Play Ruby Wedding

Jiggered Ceilidh Band were back in action this weekend. We were playing at Craighalbert. We’re due to play here twice in December 2009 so the we’re getting to know the venue and crowd pretty well!!

The lighting was a bit unorthodox at the event (hence the enormous shadow of Ewan in the picture), but it was a great evening to celebrate 40 years of marriage for Danny and Margaret. Other highlights included a cracking buffet [great curries followed by custard], a poem recited by a 91-year old gentleman, some cheeky ceilidhers laughing at me when I banged my head off the aforementioned lighting rig, catching up with a weel-kent-face-fae-Crosshouse…

Thanks again, for a great night at Craighalbert. Looking forward  to Joy’s wedding and Hogmany!!