Jiggered Roadtrip to Bath!


The Proclaimers have inspred the soundtrack to our latest ceilidh adventure…”I would drive 400 miles and I would drive 400 miles more…”

David first heard us way back in 2007. He loved the sound so booked us to play at his daughter’s wedding. Then his wife, Netta, had a significant birthday. We were unavailable for the date they had in mind so the whole party was postponed for a few months to allow the family’s favourite band to perform! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs B!

It was a pleasure to play for these lovely folks again. And the roadtrip was ardous in terms of the heavy mileage but also an absolute treat thanks to the company! Great banter from Team Jiggered. Loved every minute.

Exciting times ahead for the band. Watch this space, folks!