Jiggered Wedding At Troon

Three weddings in the space of a week without Chris? The seemingly unthinkable became reality this week as I visited the isle of Samos, checking out Pythagoras’ house- not as many right angles as I’d expected… But when I returned it was as if I’d never left- cue the distinctive harmonies to Jenny’s melodic vocals, unmistakable vamping and boundless, enthusiastic energy (perhaps a surprise since I’d just finished a week trekking through the Antarctic).

We’d arrived at Piersland House Hotel for Dave and Fiona’s wedding. Dave was an old school friend of mine and it was great to play for the happy couple and so many familiar faces from Newmilns (nice to catch up with Mr McCallum,a mentor to me when I was doing teacher training, the Hamilton clan who all seem to remember me being quite the soccer star in my youth *good look with the eBay selling Jonathan…and be careful with your spelling*, Richard my neighbour and a proper musician, Ewan Bennet one of the nicest laser geeks you’ll ever meet, the Patrick crew who were loving the Jiggered sound- we got a standing ovation, my colleague Bel and her husband…).

Today’s a big day for Raymie who’s all excited as his guilty pleasure (Roger Federer) is in action in the Wimbledon final against Scotland’s Andy Murray! Jenny’s the new owner of probably the cheesiest keyring ever. Meanwhile, Ewan is on a strict detox and is also going cold turkey from his blogging while I take over again for a while. I’ve set up an online poll to see who the public want to do our blogging…Click here and then tweet/text/vote online!