Big congratulations!


Now I know the drill. The first line when talking to the bride and groom on their big day is “congratulations”. But this time newlyweds Johan and Cat beat me to it! They’d watched the BBC show “Family Brain Games” and wanted to applaud #TeamSmith’s victory! To be honest, this couple were overwhelmingly positive. Cat had a wee tear in her eye as we played their first dance and at the end of the night Johan told us “there’s ceilidh…” (hand at waist height), “…then there’s fantastic…” (hand at head height") , “…then there’s Jiggered awesomeness!” (hand held above his head!).

We’ve been to Culcreuch Castle a few times and enjoyed this return trip. Some great dancers, a chance to use our new speakers, a large Swedish contingent, a guest with a Maths tattoo and “Uncle Andy and Aunt Shona” were there too!

Thanks for having us, Mr and Mrs Kangasniemi!!