Redhurst Hotel Wedding

Alarm bells would usually be ringing if a 20-year-old was having his second wedding… and something would definitely be weird if it was to the same girl! But, as Cameron explained, this wedding celebration at Glasgow’s Redhurst Hotel was the Scottish followup to the Canadian marriage of the new “Mr and Mrs Russell” back in June!

Jiggered were privileged to join the guests for the lovely meal before we entertained the crowds with ceilidh action. Obviously, we included a Canadian Barndance as tribute to the bride and her family! 

We recognised a few guests (including a few whose weddings we’ve done in the past). And at one point, a woman came up to ask “Are you that Mr Smith, the Maths teacher?”. It turns out her boys attended the school I teach at but their mum is always the one who’s sent to approach people they bump into but aren’t sure if it’s really them. Apparently, I joined an elite group including Ant & Dec and Lionel Messi…

As well as congratulations to the smiley bride and groom, we also celebrated Jiggered’s Emma turning 30. She always claims that she’s “a different generation” but we’re all within 20% of her age now with this percentage only due to shrink! Have a great birthday, Emma!