St Andrews University Wedding


Katy and Yiannis recently married in Cyprus. But you can’t have a real wedding without a ceilidh afterwards…! So they hired Jiggered to provide this vital component to the wedding celebrations. 

St Andrews University was the venue: specifically the Upper College Halls. Wandering through the starlit quadrangle would have been much more enjoyable if we hadn’t been humphing all the drums, speakers and instruments! Still, it’s a lovely spot and this ceilidh crowd were worth it! From the first dance – we performed Jason Mraz’ “I won’t give up” while the bride and groom expertly executed their choreographed masterpiece- to the big finale of the evening (a monstrous orchadian strip the willow, auld lang syne and loch lomond- the Scottish/Cypriot crowd were totally up for the ceilidh. A pleasure to play for. 

Raymie was filling in for Susan as she popped down to see her folks in Sheffield (which was a bit of a shame as we’d played at Morven’s wedding 11 years ago and she was there last night)! But a brilliant evening. Lots of laughs. Thanks for having us!