Strathblane for Densley and Lisa's Wedding

I’ve known Densley for a few years so it was a pleasure to play at his wedding to the lovely Lisa. They’d chosen Strathblane Country House, a venue that we’ve played at before a while before it was extended (was it really way back in July 2008, Daveand Amanda?!).

Densley and Lisa had selected loads of their favourite songs on iPod to mix in with the ceilidh action provided by Jiggered! The timings for the evening didn’t quite match their meticulous planning (the first dance ended up kicking off about 9.45) so we re-shuffled some bits and pieces. The crowd were enthusiastic about the ceilidh dances we managed to squeeze in: Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sargeant, St Bernard’s Waltz, Hooligan’s Jig, Loch Lomond Arch and Auld Lang Syne!

Finally, wee Matthew was mortified to be up dancing. I did promise him this photo would end up on the blog. Voila. But it’s also a nice snapshot of the new James family. Congratulations to Densley, Lisa, Matthew and Ruby!