Strathclyde's Barony Maths Conference

It all started for Jiggered back at Strathclyde University in 2002 and it’s always nice to make a return visit on ceilidh business! Especially to The Barony: a fabulously atmospheric building with outstanding acoustics.nDr Alison Ramage and Dr Phil Knight knew just the right ceilidh band to encourage the delegates at this 26th Biennial Numerical Analysis Conference. With visitors from across the world it needed the expert calling of Emma and the relentless enthusiasm of Team Jiggered to make this ceilidh such a belter! We didn’t allow many breaks as we churned out ceilidh tune after ceilidh tune- the crowd were loving it! nI’d be told in advanced (by a certain Professor friend of mine) that we wouldn’t need to worry too much about stray notes as Numerical Analysts are only interested in approximations. However, I suspect this “joke” is a bit niche for the majority of our fans… nAnyway, a two day break before our next two ceilidhs!!