There Is No Santa (In Galston)

Jiggered Ceilidh Band like our annual visit to Galston to play at the Church Fete Christmas Ceilidh in Hogg Hall. The food is always great. The crowd really love our blend of Scottish music, ceilidh dances and covers. With it being a local one for me, I always bump into familiar faces…this year I chatted to Fraser and Sarah who I went to school with, some former customers I used to serve in my part time job at the local petrol station and Mr and Mrs Smith from Kilmarnock whose son I teach. However, most of the break was spent with new friends: the current Galston minister and his wife and then Karen, a enthusiastic nutter who turned out to be a Maths teacher- we had lots to discuss!

The big changes this year? Jiggered didn’t scoop any prizes in the raffle. And Santa wasn’t able to make his usual appearance.

Still, a fantastic night. Lots of laughs.