Trick or Treat?

Dorothy and Colin had their wedding reception on the 31st October at Duck Bay Marina, Loch Lomond. There’s was no Halloween theme…just as well, probably, if this best man’s speech I found on the internet is anything to go by:

“I’d like to propose a ghost! Toast, sorry. I’m muddling up this speech with my Halloween gags, and believe me, I feel a right ghoul. Anyway, I’m getting a-headstone of myself. Now where-wolf was I? Right, that’s enough of bat. I think you all got the polter-gist.”

Horrendous puns.

Anyway, this was the final ceilidh for Jiggered in a really busy September/October. Now it’s time for a well-earned rest. Our next ceilidhs are at the end of November. 

We wish Dorothy and Colin all the best for their future together!