Unusual Song Request


Jiggered Ceilidh Band were taking a break from weddings last night when we played for the combined Glasgow CUs ball. It was a serious case of deja vu, considering Jiggered formed while at Strathclyde Christian Union 7 years ago.

Ewan had other commitments so it was Mr Ben Rose on drums. Ben has drummed for Jiggered on loads of occassions. In particular, when Ewan left to visit Australia for a year it was Ben left “holding the sticks”!

I was wearing a TShirt with the pi symbol which proved to be a major convesation piece…so much so that one student told me the following Maths joke:

A mathematician walks up to a bar and orders a pint. His friend orders half a pint, their next friend orders a quarter of a pint, the next friend an eighth of a pint….the barman is getting annoyed at this point and says ‘Right, that’s enough guys! Here you go’ and pours two pints!!

The most surreal moment was when a ceilidher asked Jenny to sing one of her own songs. One about a duck. Jenny (ever keen to satisfy a customer) obliged and sang this obscure song!

It was a lot of fun and the Marriot was packed with dancers- hope to do this event again in the future!!