Wedding at Sherbrooke Castle

As Jiggered started our first of three weddings in four days, the nation was buzzing with chatter about the election. There’ll be none of that in this blog, though, except to say that we’re delighted Emma and Stuart voted us in as their wedding band! 

The new Mr and Mrs Honan had their reception at Glasgow’s Sherbrooke Castle– we’ve played there many times before and the combination of the conservatory, bar area and function room work well for ceilidhs (guests who need a breather after an energetic strip the willow can nip out for a minute, refuel and then return for more ceilidh action!). The coronation chicken sandwiches also come with Jiggered’s recommendation too!

Emma and Stuart chose Seal’s “Kiss From a A Rose” for their first dance which our Emma was excited about (not least because it featured in Batman Forever!). It was a nice way to kick off the evening and we were really pleased with how our version of this 1994 hit sounded!

We’re off to Castle Douglas next…