Wedding at Strathclyde's Barony Hall

Every time we sound check at the Barony Hall while the staff turn the room around, I’m struck by three things. First, of course, is nostalgia- Jiggered formed while at Strathclyde in 2002 and we sat more than a few exams in the Barony, before our graduations there. Second, the acoustics are outstanding- Emma’s vocals were lovely and Susan’s rendition of “Hector the Hero” as the guests arrived was hauntingly beautiful in the Hall. Third, the place is massive- that dance floor is dauntingly enormous leaving me to wonder if we’ll manage to fill it with dancers. It’s never a problem, though. Every time we play at the Barony, it’s an amazing experience. The massive crowds always seem to be keen on ceilidh and it’s a pleasure to play for them in that stunning location.

Becki and Tim had heard us before and we were delighted to be able to play at their big day. It was nice to get so much positive feedback from the crowd (“we loved the mash up of Rihanna with Dashing White Sergeant”), bride and groom (“thanks so much- everyone keeps asking me where we found you”) and legendary mother-of-the-bride Irene (“you have been incredible- this ceilidh has been a stoater”). nThe end of the night was great. A huge Orchadian Strip The Willow, the bride and groom leaving through an archway of all the guests while Jiggered belted out “Loch Lomond” followed by a few more tunes to finish off the night.