Wedding in Dunkeld Hilton

Flashback to Aug 2011… a lovely couple called Summer and Pete are getting married in Lochside House Hotel. One of the guests, Shelagh, watched the evening unfold with a wee glint in her eye- Jiggered Ceilidh Band were impressing her but would her fiance (who’d only been to one ceilidh before) go for it? She managed to convince him that Jiggered would do a great job of entertaining their guests.

Flash-forward to July 2012…the couple have Jiggered performing at their wedding at The Dunkeld Hilton and by the end of the evening it’s the groom who’s over telling us how fantastic he thinks we were: “I’ve only been to one ceilidh in my life and you blew that band out of the water”! There were some memorable dancers at this wedding, that’s for sure- one woman who I’m guessing had consumed about a gallon of Red Bull before the wedding and a young couple who performed some brilliantly self-choreographed moves!

Other worthy mentions- we played as a five piece with guest musician Joseph Hamilton playing for the first half. Joseph plays with Sporran Again from time to time but might play some more gigs in the future for Jiggered. In the meantime check out this video of him playing guitar on the beach- it is awesome. Also, the men’s toilets had this photo in front of the urinals. One thing I don’t know: if this was intentionally positioned. One thing I do (now) know: you get some funny looks taking pictures in public toilets.