Wedding in Lynnhurst Hotel Renfrew

Over the 11 years Jiggered Ceilidh Band have been helping out in whatever way we can to make the clients’ events as special as possible. Last night, we played at the Lynnhurst Hotel, Renfrew which is really lovely. Bride Lorraine had asked if we’d be able to do One Direction‘s “Little Things” for their first dance. We obliged and I think it went really well (maybe that was because I’d almost lost my voice so it was mainly Emma everyone heard)!

The evening went well with great ceilidh action (including a generous sprinkling of free-style and improv!), pakora at the buffet and lots of smiles!

At the break, the band managed to get serious heart-to-heart chat. I learned lots and it was emotional. But listen to me, I’m gushing…