Wedding in Troon

Bethany and Colin have been to a load of Jiggered Ceilidh Band‘s gigs over the years. When they decided to tie the knot, we were delighted that this lovely couple decided to book us up for their wedding in Troon Concert Hall (an ever-increasingly popular venue). It was a great evening with plenty familar faces and a steady stream of dancers filling the dancefloor, from the first dance to the last. Bethany and Colin had asked for us to do our version of Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” which sounded great thanks to Jenny’s vocals and Chris’ new piano making its debut.

During the break, we nipped out to local chip shop “The Fish House” which was superb. As I waited for my prawn tempura supper (posher than your average chippy!) some inebriated locals performed sign language in the window. Always wanting to make new friends, I returned the gesture by doing the classic “going down the stairs/using the elevator” routine. Eventually, they came in to chat to Susan whose accent immediately gave her away as being from Canada (!). We played along, even though Sheffield is not right next to Vancouver. The memorable exchange ended with a big hug and me being called a b****g (presumably alluding to last December’s hurricane– an unforgettable life-changing event).

We wish Mr and Mrs McCaw all the best and we’ll no doubt catch up at another ceilidh or when the roll is called up yonder…