Bearsden Wedding

You can tell straight away this will be an event you’ll love when the first thing the bride says to you is to an offer to finish off her dessert while she gets you a cuppa! Bride Ruth, groom Justin and the everyone we spoke to last night were so lovely- it was a pleasure to play at this wedding!

Held in the stunning new build at Bearsden Baptist, there were lots of nice personal touches and my kids would have loved the wedding cake which featured the bride and groom alongside Frozen’s Olaf!

Jiggered‘s Emma had heart surgery on Wednesday. I’m happy to report that the operation to fit a pacemaker went well and she is making great progress. In fact, she’ll be playing at our next wedding on Monday- what a trooper! In her absence last night, Claire filled in and did a great job of calling and it was a treat to have Susan and Claire providing double the fiddle action. Thanks for helping again, Claire!

The evening ended with us being applauded as we left the building. That doesn’t happen every time, but I might start suggesting it!!

All the best to Ruth and Justin…