Christmas at Cartsbridge


Jiggered Ceilidh Band were performing tonight at Cartsbridge Evangelical Church. We’ve played there before and recognised a few familiar faces which is always nice.

It’s Christmas Season which means a few ceilidhs coming up, and of course our latest trip to Gleddoch on Hogmanay! 

We had a great night- Ewan seemed to be losing control of his drumsticks more than usual (Susan had some near misses as they flew off in her direction). I thought that there must be a product for drummers of drumsticks that were slightly more gripped or tacky even. I’d call them “Sticky Sticks” but when I googled that, I got distracted by images of sticky chicken drumsticks (that explain the blog picture?). 

Big week for oor Emma coming up….(more about this another time)!