Birthday Party in Stirling


Jiggered Ceilidh Band have been playing at weddings throughout the summer months but Saturday saw them performing at a 21st birthday party in Stirling.

The party was held in Stirling Rowing Club (shown here underwater which thankfully never happened last night, but presumably is good practice for the rowers?) and the venue was a great size for a function like a birthday party. Not too big that guests are rattling about but with plenty space on the dancefloor to enjoy the ceilidh dancing.

A gulten-free buffet was provided, and after that some speeches (and a poem) from friends and family. The evening had a bit of an international feel with folk from Australia, France, America, Ireland etc…

The birthday girl, Rebecca, specifically requested that all guys really hurl her about during the Orcadian Strip the Willow, saying she’d be disappointed if she didn’t suffer at least a concussion. Thankfully, everyone left the ceilidh in one piece!