London Wedding


Jiggered Ceilidh Band have just come back from a ceilidh in London. Highlights of the trip included:

-managing to cram all our equipment (two speakers with speaker stands, piano, violin, guitar, microphones and stands, full drum kit, banner stands, cables, mixer…), luggage and the four of us into my car,

-a lovely lunch at The George and Dragon pub (5 main meals divided by 4 of us…guess who ordered double)

-a two-hour drive through London (apparently I am immune to road rage

-Ewan’s amazement at the sight of a remote controlled golf bag when we arrived at our destination, the beautiful Westerham Golf Course, Kent

-two hours of great ceilidh action: loads of enthusiastic dancers…

-Lydia (the bride!) joining us on the violin for a Gay Gordons

-Jenny’s 20 minute wait for some scrambled egg the next morning at the Travel Lodge

-Ewan getting a free Red Bull at the vending machine

-Jenny arranging to meet up with us in twenty minutes after exploring the service station…what did she really get up to?

-Susan’s magnificent word mastery- she truly is the crossword queen

It was a fantastic weekend. We wish Ben and Lydia all the best in their married life!