Brig O Doon Weddings Are Magic!

Bride-and-groom-to-be Emma and Kris came to hear Jiggered Ceilidh Band play at another wedding in the Barony Hall in 2013. Even though bride Emma and Jiggered’s Emma are good friends, the couple rightly wanted to make sure that they were getting a band that would guarantee a brilliant night!

Fast forward a year, and the new Mr and Mrs Duke have a lovely wedding in the superb Ayrshire “Costley and Costley” venue, Brig O Doon. Set in Alloway, it seemed appropriate that we would sound check with “My Love is Like A Red Red Rose”- the lyrics of Robbie Burns are etched above the doorway to the main function room where we’ve enjoyed playing in so many times!

This was a night of special requests: from the first dance (Adele’s “Make you feel my love “) to a daughter/dad dance to guest requests (“Ashokan Farewell” and a couple of others). The crowd were loving the Jiggered blend of ceilidh/covers. They were up on the floor throughout our sets…joining in with the bride’s final request (Emma’s version of “Mr Bightside”). and sitting on the floor to enjoy the ever-popular Deacon Blue tune “Dignity”!

It was nice to have Dr Brockett’s mum and dad in the crowd and to chat for a wee while.

Ewan and Chris had to veto Susan’s suggestion for a Jiggered uniform, based on her husband’s penchant for leggings…