Everyone loves Jiggered's moosic


The journey to last night’s ceilidh proved an adventurous one- you probably heard that on the grape(bo)vine anyway. The dual carriageway was invaded by hordes of cows jumping over fences, clambering across the central reservation barrier, charging towards cars sitting with their hazard warning lights on…it was a unique start to a ceilidh. Guess even Scottish coos appreciate Jiggered‘s moosic!

Our young newlyweds were Ally and Beth who were having their wedding celebrations at the worth-checking-out Waterside Hotel, West Kilbride. The hotel has a fantastic seaside location and the modern decor is making this one of Ayrshire’s most popular wedding venues. 

The evening kicked off with the first dance “Make You Mine” followed by action packed ceilidh. A packed dancefloor is always a pleasing sight and by the end of the evening we’d made lots of friends, new fans, and hopefully a few more potential gigs…!