Wedding at Edinburgh's Signet Library

“Shhh….Quiet please” is the normal instruction for respectable expected library behaviour. Thankfully, silence was not the order of the day at Edinburgh’s prestigious Signet Library last night as Jiggered Ceilidh Band‘s music echoed throughout the grand Georgian building for Terry and Hollie’s wedding.

The evening kicked off with the bride and groom taking to the floor for what seemed like a fairly standard first dance “1000 years”. All of a sudden the track scratched into a much more upbeat tune which triggered some lively dancing from Terry, Hollie and the bridal party. The lively start was the start of an evening of high energy ceilidh dancing (Hollie even asked for us to do a second Cumberland Basket because she enjoyed the dance so much). 

It was nice to have a reunion of the original Jiggered lineup- it was fun performing with Jenny again (there were naerolls in sight at the kebab shop we visited). Happy birthday to our own Emma too of course!

Hollie was gushing with praise at the end of the night and it’s always a great way to end a ceilidh with such a hugely satisfied client! We wish Hollie and Terry all the best for the future.