House for an Art Lover Wedding

People book up Jiggered for all sorts of reasons- maybe they’ve heard us at a wedding recently or they listen to our demo tracks or we’ve come highly recommended…Gary and Liz booked us up for their wedding because they’re big fans of my weekly Maths newsletter! Oh yeah. This pair of Mathematicians married at Glasgow’s House For An Art Lover and asked Jiggered to play at the reception. We were delighted to be part of their big day!

I’d like to think the vows went something like this:

-Gary, do you take Liz to be your sin2x?
-I do.
-Liz, do you take Gary to be your cos2x?
-I do. 
-These two together have become 1.

Liz showed me her wedding ring design, inspired by the beauty of a trigonometric wave. Gary confirmed that none of their friends, families or guests had been quite as excited as me to see the ring! What a geek.

Anyway, it was lovely to meet the grandkids who I’d heard so much about (called Daisy and Logan) and we wish this crazy pair of retired Maths teachers all the very best for the future!